Poster from Chop Meet 2011
The first Chop Meet was held in the fall of 2011 in a backyard in Saskatoon.  There was a large void in the local motorcycle scene as there has not been a decent swap meet in as long as most of us can remember.  Saskatoon is not a large city and geographically we are in the middle of nowhere, but we have a THRIVING motorcycle scene with tons of choppers both shop built and garage built.  So the meet was created as a social event as well as an excuse to get rid of some old parts and gather up some new ones for the impending winter build season.  A small gathering by most standards but lots of parts, good bbq, beers and good times were had.
Poster from Chop Meet 2012
2012 proved to be the birth of a big thing.  We rounded up an amazing amount of giveaway raffle items from sponsors both local and from afar.  It was overwhelming the amount of items that were donated by our gracious sponsors.  No local advertising was utilized as we knew we were limited for space and we relied solely on word of mouth  and social media.  We encouraged people to bring their choppers and old bikes and show them off.  there were more swap vendors then we could find tables for and the place was literally bursting at the seams.  People flocked from as far as Winnipeg, Edmonton and Calgary and no one went home thirsty, hungry or without an armload of junk.  One thing we have maintained is keeping the event totally free. free admission, free tables, free raffle, we even provided free food.   Since last years event the feedback has been overwhelming and we knew we would have to step it up another notch for 2013.

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